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In order to be able to offer the best service to customers I have invested in a range of general purpose development software and tools. I make further investments as required by new projects.
  • Dev tools for FPGAs and ARM processors including trace modules and boards
  • General electronic lab equipment including Agilent Mixed Signal Scope, power supplies (up to 100V @ 28A), Arbitrary Waveform Generator etc.
  • Prototype SM PCB assembly and reflow equipment
  • Keysight, Pico and R&S Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
  • HP/Agilent/Keysight Power Supplies, Frequency Counter, DMMs, Pulse Generator and others.
  • R&S Spectrum Analyser, AIM TTi HF signal generator
  • Keithley Dual SMU, 6 and 7.5 Digit DMMs, DAQ system
  • HP and Neutrik Audio test systems.
  • Espec Temperature Cycler
  • Espec Temperature and Humidity Cycler
  • HAAS TL1 CNC Milling machine
  • Chester lathe with DRO
  • MATLAB with SIMULINK, Signal Processing, Fixed-Point Designer and DSP System Toolboxes
  • SolidWorks 3D mechanical CAD system
  • Maple
  • Aldec Active HDL
  • Keil ARM MDK complier
  • FPGA support software from Intel (Altera), Lattice, AMD(Xilinx), Efinix and Gowin
MK Electronics Ltd
Unit 4, Greenlaw,
Castle Douglas,

+44 1556 506999

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